Is It Procrastination If I’m Writing?

I'll find a picture for it later
I'll find a picture for it later

Instead of working on this play that I’m trying to finish, I’ve spent the evening setting up this blog. I don’t feel so bad about that, but I do have to reconcile with the fact that I’ve lost one more evening’s worth of writing time. However, I did put virtual pen to paper and write about a little bit of music, so I’m not going to feel too bad about that. I did some writing, I just didn’t do the writing I meant to do. I have given myself a January 31st deadline for the completion of this play. I’ve just started Act II and need to really look at what’s going on with the two people that the play is about. Stuck in an apartment building on Easter Weekend, two heroin addicts are faced with the fact that their drug dealer is not available. I suppose that it is a harrowing story about heroin, if you will be so indulgent with me. It starts:

Peter: He’s not answering.
Anna: Fuck.
Peter: I know. It’s fucking Easter weekend for fuck sakes. He’d be making a fucking killing right now. Everybody and their dog is trying to get high tonight. What the fuck!
Anna: All right. Who else? Do you have anyone else’s number? You must have other numbers.
Peter: I don’t. The only option is to go downtown, and if we take a cab downtown we won’t have enough money to score.
Anna: FUCK!
Peter: I’ll try him again.
Anna: Yeah, try again.
Peter: FUCK! He’s got his phone turned off now. What the fuck.
Anna: Well, I guess drug dealers need holidays too.
Peter: Oh yeah, him taking a holiday is really going to keep me from being sick. The government should declare these people an essential service so that this kind of fucking shit doesn’t happen. It should be like when they make the bus drivers drive busses even when they’re on strike.
Anna: I don’t think they do. Remember in Vancouver when nobody could take a bus for like 4 years? Cuz the bus drivers were on strike? Remember?
Peter: Shut UP!
Anna: Well, don’t get pissy with me. Just don’t do it. I don’t fucking need it right now. Maybe he’s just out and needs to reload or something. Try him again.

And hilarity ensues. I have the image of the completion in my mind, I just need these two people to talk to each other and get them there. I’ll eavesdrop on them more tomorrow night and get them to where they’re going. Whether they like it or not.


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