I Have A Secret For You

flying-manI’m going to try one more time to fly. You don’t believe me that I can, but I’m telling you, it happened once, and it was such a wonderful feeling that I’ve never been able to forget it.

It hasn’t happened since that first time. It happened so unexpectedly. I don’t remember exactly when it was that it happened, but I know it did. I feel that it did. I have a memory of looking down through the clouds, seeing the city below me. It was new to me, so I allowed myself to come back down to earth so that I could catch my breath and figure out what was happening. I didn’t want to do something that could harm myself, or others with my new found powers, so I came back to earth.

But since then, I’ve never been able to fly again. And I’ve never been able to remember exactly when it was that it happened. Or how I did it.

I asked my wife, but she didn’t seem to understand. I kept asking her because she’s always been there for me, but she’s gone now. She didn’t believe me, and for some reason she wouldn’t help me remember.

My friends, they all think I’m crazy, but I’m telling you, I’m not. I flew once, high above this very spot, and looked down at where I’m looking up at right now. And when I try to tell people, they just simply will not believe me. None of my friends talk to me anymore. Well, it’s their loss. When I remember how to do this again, I’m not going to show any of them.

And I will remember. I did it once, I can do it again. I mean, if I can just remember. I just need to remember, and then I’ll be able to try to do it one more time.

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