The Good Christian

ark_covenantI guess if I think about it I really have quite a lot to be grateful for. It’s good to be born into a Xtian family because if you’re not it seems like it’s pretty hard to become one because you’ve already hardened your heart and everything.

There was this one man that stayed with us for a while, him and his daughter. He had had a hard time and was trying to be a Xtian but because he drank and smoked it’s pretty tough for him. He still wanted to do all that stuff all the time and you could tell that it bothered his daughter quite a bit but sometimes he still ended up doing it anyway.

He had a really hard time being a Xtian. My mom used to teach him about the bible and everything because he didn’t know much about it and she’s quite knowledgeable and she loves to talk about the Bible all the time. She was telling him about the Ark of the Covenant where, and this is where it gets weird to me, but I think that that’s where they used to keep G*d. I have a pretty hard time understanding this stuff sometimes, but I guess that that’s the place where G*d stayed so that he could be close to his Children. The Children of Israel, I mean. They carried Him in this gold crate that was decorated with Angels and everything and was supposed to be really pretty. The thing was that only Priests or High Priests or something were allowed to touch the Ark and if you were just a regular person you couldn’t touch it or you would die.

So, this one time when she was telling him all about the Ark of the Covenant she was telling him about how they were moving it from one spot to the other, I think it was because Solomon or somebody like that (I have a hard time remembering all this stuff because even though I got the Demon out of me I’m still not a very good Xtian) wanted to have it in the main Temple where all the really good Jews worshipped and so they had to move it all this way on these wooden carts that were pulled by oxen. I think oxen are cows or something. So, when they were moving it one of the carts shifted and I guess there were a bunch of farmers helping out as it went by their place and he reached up to steady the Ark and he fell down dead.

This made Mr. Kaelie pretty mad. I don’t really know why but man oh man did he ever get mad. He started saying things about how sick it was that there was a G*d that would do something like that and why would you want to believe in a G*d that just killed his people for just touching the Ark and why would G*d say not to kill people and then always kill people and all of this stuff. My mom just sat there smiling and she said, like she always does, that the Lord moves in mysterious ways. This seemed to make him more upset and then I had to go to my room so I didn’t get to hear much more of it but she talked to him for a long time and by the end of it he was crying and praying and everything but he still was pretty mad for a while.

I think he’s going to have a hard time being a Xtian. I think that if you want to be a good Xtian you can’t ask too many questions.

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