The Problem With Religion | The End Of Faith

atheistSomewhere between 70 and 80% of the world’s population believe in some kind of G*d. Does that make them right?

In different times in the world’s history, people believed that Jews used the blood of Xtians to make themselves fertile. People believed that the world was flat and that sea monsters were a very real and probable threat. People believed that applying leeches to a sick person could heal them. There are those today that believe that there is a G*d that helps them score touchdowns and win Grammy awards.

And although we would think a person an idiot for thinking that the world is flat, there are those that still believe in the same religious ideas that people at that time adhered to.

Incredibly, even though there is a wide variety of information on the atrocities committed in the name of religion, as well as the incredible fact that most of what Xtians believe is based on mistranslations of early text, people still profess faith in religions that they seem to know nothing about. Ask a Xtian if they have any idea how their religion was formed and 9,999 times out of 10,000, they will have no idea. How is it that an Atheist like myself can know more about religion that most religious people? It’s because investigating the facts would shatter their belief system, and those that cling to superstition in order to make sense of the world would not be able to carry on in a world where they have learned that believing in their religion makes as much sense as believing that there is a person called Superman who can actually fly.

For anyone willing to investigate and to learn, there are many books available. These books will appeal those with an open mind. It is unlikely that many religious people will actually read them, but in hopes that some of these texts will reach at least a few, here is a list of essential reading.

The End Of Faith and Letter To A Christian Nation by Sam Harris

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

God Wants You Dead
by Sean Hastins, Paul Rosenberg

The Jesus Puzzle by Earl Doherty

God – The Failed Hypothesis by Victor Stenger

This is a good start. Of course, as with all texts written by humans, there are flaws and there can be arguments made against some of the ideas in these books. I certainly do not agree with everything written in these books. But, opening up a debate and finding out some truths about religion can do nothing but good. Especially in a world where Xtians and Muslims want to see each other dead because of some ancient, often mistranslated, texts. Start asking some questions and you will get answers that will amaze you. You will be a much better person for it.

I would like to say how wonderful it is to be able to live in a world where you can question religion without being tortured and killed for your ideas, but, unfortunately, that is not yet a fact. Perhaps we will some day. It will only be possible if religious zealots do not find a way to bring about the prophecies that predict the end of the world. They’re getting closer every day. And that, my friends, is very scary, indeed.


3 thoughts on “The Problem With Religion | The End Of Faith

  1. Actually, atheists have also done horrible things, so I don’t quite understand why we use that particular argument against religions. Wouldn’t it be better to just admit there are some things that human people do not understand? If we don’t know, we don’t know. Then we wouldn’t have anything to fight about.

  2. Well, the point is to establish the things that these religious organizations are responsible for throughout history. People don’t understand how their religions were formed. So, no, I don’t think that just because they don’t know that we wouldn’t have anything to fight about. Religious text contain language that incites people to violence. That’s just a fact.

    And, yes, I’m sure that atheists have done horrible things as well. Probably not in large groups for periods of a couple of thousand years, though. Sorry. “Probably” is not the right word to use there.

  3. Oh yes, atheists, just like any other human being, have done and are still doing horrible things. The difference however is that WE ATHEISTS don’t do it in the name of some invisible serial killer in the sky…

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